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Monday, March 15, 2010

Story of Plants That Have Feelings

Most people would find it hard to believe that plants have feelings. Recent studies have proven that plants do have feelings. According to the peer reviewed journal Plant Physiology, plants are capable of identifying danger. Botanist Bill Williams said, “plants not only seem to be aware and feel pain, they can even communicate.” Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird who cowrote of “The Secret Life of Plants” said, “Plants are living, breathing, communicating creatures.”

The fact that “plants have feelings” has been recorded repeatedly in books in China since ancient times. Here is one account that occurred during the Tang Dynasty.

Monk Su of Xing-Shan Temple had some candlenut trees on the grounds that he planted years ago. In the summer months sap from the candlenut trees dripped from the leaves. If it got on your clothing, just like motor oil, it could not be washed off. Many officials from the royal court would come to tour the temple during summer. One time the high officials from the State of Zhao came to the temple for a summer vacation, however they disliked the candlenut trees because of the sap they dripped. They told Monk Su, “Please cut those trees down, and we'll give you a pine tree for every candlenut tree you cut down.”

In the evening, Monk Su jokingly told the trees, “I planted you some twenty years ago, but people dislike you for your sap. Next year, if your sap drips down again, I'll use you as firewood.”

After that, the sap no longer dripped down from these candlenut trees.

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