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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Very Weird News of Dead Man Elected Mayor In Tennessee!

It’s the voter’s way of sending a message to politicians they have grown tired or

distrustful of, sort of a “Thanks for coming, now get out and don’t let the screen door smack you in the butt.”
The good folks of Tracy City, Tennessee, population 1,679, have just done that to their mayor, and boy did they ever send a message.
On Tuesday they chose Carl Robin Geary Sr. over the incumbent, Mayor Barbara Brook.
What’s truly amazing is Geary died back on March 10.
“I knew he was deceased, I know that sounds stupid, but we wanted someone other than her,” said Chris Rogers in the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Mr. Geary, an alderman in Tracy City since 2006 and known for always wearing overalls, campaigned on straight talk, according to supporters.
At his funeral exactly one month before the election, someone propped up one of his campaign signs among the floral arrangements.


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